** We require 2 months notice for wedding cakes. We will do our best to accommodate shorter notice but some restrictions may apply** 


Tips & Advice

Can I put real flowers on my wedding cake?

Yes you can. If you're interested in doing so, you will need to see your own florist. We will provide you with all the size information to help you deal with your florist.

Do you rent wedding cakes?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer rental cakes.  We do however, have cake stand rentals.

Can I choose the colors and the flavors of my wedding cake?

Yes, you can choose your own colors and flavours. For more information, see Flavours & Colours.

Do I have to have a piece of cake for all my guests?

If you are serving your cake as dessert it is important to have as many slices as there are guests. If the wedding cake you choose doesn't serve the number you need we will happily upsize it or downsize it, or for a more economical alternative you can order slab cakes for your extra servings. However if you are serving your cake as a late night snack you will probably need slices for only 70% of guests and maybe even less if there is going to be other food served.

If I have a picture of a wedding cake, can you copy it?

Please bring your picture in. Our decorators will be happy to look it over and provide you with an estimate. If we can quote it on the spot we will, but some quotes may take a few days to do so please be prepared to leave the photo with us.  Please understand that cakes off the internet don't come with instructions and our decorators will not attempt a cake they are not 100% sure they can replicate to Artistic's high standards.  Also...it is usually more to copy someone else's work than to choose something from our large gallery.

When should I order my wedding cake?

For the widest selection, we ask the bride and groom to give us at least eight weeks notice. However, if you do find yourself under time constraints, we will gladly try our best to meet your needs - though your choices may be limited.

Do you deliver the wedding cake?

Yes we do. For more info, see Orders & Delivery.

Do you sell wedding cake toppers?

Yes we do. We carry a selection of bride and groom toppers, both traditional and humourous. Please be sure to visit the store. If we are out of stock we will order it for you, provided there is enough notice to do so and our supplier has the item in stock.

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